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Did this ever happen with you that you have been taking snaps of all the important events going around you in your life, but you ended up losing all of them just because you had a hard drive crash? All your efforts and memories just went in vain. Is it even worth it? If that has been the case with you, it is obvious that you would know what pain does it take! Here we have brought you a device, “PhotoStick!” Through this review, we would take you through the features of this device and why would you need it, so that you get a better understanding of whether or not you should have this gadget along with you! It is a simple USB flash drive that would have a backup of all your important files without any stress. It works great, and people who have used it so far seem to be really satisfied with it. Well, you do not require to be a tech freak in order to be able to use it. Indeed, it takes as much as you would need to operate a USB flash drive. It is that simple! Trust me.

If you are just starting up and do not know how to start with this PhotoStick, let me tell you that you do not need a lot of knowledge to do so! It works quite similar to that of a USB flash drive. It can easily take a backup and store all your images within itself in just a matter of a few seconds. One of the best things about using PhotoStick is that you will not have to worry about losing any of your snaps ever again. All of them would be kept in just a single place, and you can easily choose to hook them up with multiple devices, be it any of your laptop or PC, and won’t need to bang your head any further in case you have a hard drive crash. Another amazing thing about this PhotoStick is that you get a one-click software to get the files transferred. You would just need to wait for a couple of minutes and you are done!

Notable Features Of PhotoStick | Should You Buy?

It is quite obvious for you to crave for knowing a bit more about PhotoStick so that you can convince yourself about why should you need one. Indeed, there are a few considerations to make sure that PhotoStick actually relates to your needs and wants. Here are a few essential features and considerations that would help you get a clear idea about purchasing a PhotoStick for yourself.

Storage Capacity

The basic idea about using a PhotoStick is to save your photos or images that you might look at years after! Therefore, you need to make sure that you have access to a good amount of storage space. Most of the USB devices that were in use traditionally offered quite a few options; however, PhotoStick comes with only 3 option sizes, to ensure that you find it easier to pick the one that’s apt for you at a lowered confusion. Too many things, and you seem to be a lot more confused. Well, let me brief you about the differences between these 3 available options.

Let’s start from the smaller one and gradually move on to the bigger one! The first available size of PhotoStick is 8 GB, which gives you a capacity of holding 3,500 photos. The 2nd available option offers a 64 GB size wherein you can hold around 30,000 images. The last available option is that of the 128 GB, and you get a capacity of holding 60,000 images into it. 128 GB, quite much, isn’t it?

Note: We have made this count based on the standard photo sizes. Depending on whether you have smaller or bigger photo sizes, the number would vary! Also, it depends only on the plan that you have on saving those images. Yeah, that’s true! It’s only because a few of us would keep all the images, each and every capture, while others would end up deleting the ones that aren’t of good quality.


Before investing in a device, it is definitely important to make sure that you can figure out its usage to make sure that your money is worth it. As the name itself says, it is mostly used to save and store photos. However, you can use it to save other file formats as well, including that of videos and documents. If you want to save mostly videos and photos, I would say PhotoStick would be the right deal for you. You should be clear enough about the kind of files that you would want to save, so that you do not end up losing your money into it. PhotoStick is usually compatible with most file types. However, I would still like to mention a few types that would work the best with this device without any trouble. They include JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIFF, WMV, MOV, AVI, MPEG4, Photoshop, PCT file, and Camera Raw.

Image File Types







PCT File

Camera Raw


Video File Types





If there is any other media file that you are looking to back up, you should look for another device.


Of course, the functionality of the device is important. Alongside this, you can decide it based on its style as well. As you would be looking up to it frequently, you will want to know that you find the style attractive enough! When it comes to style, there are a few essential factors that you would love the most. One of the most amazing things about the style is ‘color.’ Well, PhotoStick usually comes with a limited number of options, including that of white, black, yellow, and red – the only primary colors. These varieties come with the same logo, but the primary colors still seem to be pretty impressive!


Compatibility is yet another important decision to make sure that it supports your device(s), including computers, laptops, and mobile phones. The PhotoStick is compatible with OS including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It is also compatible with Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later. On the other hand, the PhotoStick Mobile for Android works on Version 5.0 (Lollipop) and later. PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone/iPad is apt for iOS Version 11.3 and later. I have already mentioned the file formats that the PhotoStick supports! Another thing that you may do is to check the information of the photos so that you know the size of the files that you would be transferring.

Post-Purchase Service

One important thing that you should consider while investing in the PhotoStick is its ‘Post Purchase Service.’ Customer Service counts to be one of the most significant factors too! The Money-Back Guarantee and Warranties are some of the important factors to consider in this regard. It doesn’t offer too much in terms of warranties, but it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. This day count will start right from the day your product is delivered. Besides, PhotoStick has an excellent customer support team that remains ready to help all the time. In case you face any issue, the team is there to figure it out for you.

Is there any other benefit that PhotoStick Comes Up With?

Well, apart from holding your images, it is capable of supporting other file-formats, including that of documents and video files. Besides, the PhotoStick allows you to automatically search for any kind of file from that huge heap of files. There are times when you might end up forgetting about an image or a document that you have kept years back, and have never known about it post that! PhotoStick will lead you to that particular file so that all your old memories pop up into your head all over again. It is undoubtedly a great way to cherish all those past memories.

How does the PhotoStick work?

The PhotoStick functions quite similar to that of the regular Flash drive. It has also got a striking resemblance to the drive. Besides, it has a USB port that makes it even more easy in terms of operation. Just make sure that your computer or laptop is running, before you insert this device into any of its ports. After proper insertion, you will find a dialog box appearing on the screen. There will be a “GO” button at the bottom-right corner of the popped-up window. Simply press it to give access to the PhotoStick to your PC or laptop. Once the transfer is done, PhotoStick creates a backup of all the data. The speed of functionality usually depends on the size and number of files you have been transferring. 

How to start PhotoStick on Windows?

Using PhotoStick on Windows isn’t too difficult! You do not require to be a tech freak in order to access this device. You would just need to read through the lines and move through the steps ahead. This guide is pretty simple and easy. Just have a look at it to find out how things work!

1. At first, insert your PhotoStick inside the open USB slot.

2. Find the USB inside the File Explorer. Next, open ThePhotoStick_Windows.exe.

3. As the program gets loaded, just click on the “Go” button.

How to start PhotoStick on Mac?

If you have a Mac device, using PhotoStick into it isn’t difficult either! The steps are absolutely simple, and it is no rocket science. Here are the steps that you would need to follow:

1. Plug the PhotoStick into the USB slot of your Mac.

2. You will easily find the PhotoStick icon on your home screen. In case you do not find the icon on the screen, go to the Finder and open it from the list of devices therein.

3. Open the file, the PhotoStick_Mac.

4. As the program gets loaded, click on the “Go” button, and you are done!

PhotoStick or PhotoStick Mobile – What’s The Difference?

Although the functionality between the two is just the same, there are two available versions of PhotoStick. To decide whether you want an original version or a mobile one – you have to analyse your device usage. Note that PhotoStick PC/Mac version can’t be used with a smartphone, whereas PhotoStick mobile can work with both PC/Mac, and a smartphone. If you are more likely to transfer your files between your PC/Mac & your smartphone, go for the PhotoStick Mobile version. If you want to keep your files reserved for your PC/MAC, then The PhotoStick for PC and Mac would be the ideal choice for you.


PhotoStick makes a quick transfer of media files from your device. Simply plug in the device and hold your patience for a couple of minutes.

It is easy to use, and you will be able to access it in just a click of a button.

There are three multiple options available with PhotoStick. Choose any one of the 3 based on your needs.

It is portable, which means that you can carry it anywhere you want!


It doesn’t organize your photos and files separately. It simply puts all of them together into a single place.

The features and settings of the PhotoStick may require a little time for you to get used to it.


The PhotoStick 8 GB is usually available for $34.99, while the 64 GB is available for $49.99. The PhotoStick 128 GB is available for $79.99.

PhotoStick Overview:

Frequently asked questions about PhotoStick:

1. Why go for a physical device when you can go for an iCloud backup?

Yeah, you may choose to store all your important files in the Cloud storage, but that will certainly cost you a lot more. It’s free till the time you want a limited space. In case you need big storage, it isn’t free anymore. You would need to pay either a monthly or a yearly fee to access it over the expense that you have already been bearing upon the internet.

Another important reason why this PhotoStick device is better than Cloud storage is none other than its flexibility and convenience. Uploading files on the Cloud storage becomes a lot more hassle, especially when moving a huge number of images and videos. Also, it takes a lot of time and energy since you would need to choose the files that you want to upload manually. On the other hand, PhotoStick makes sure that you have to invest in the device only once. Also, press a single button, and your files are backed-up without any trouble. Last but not least, it doesn’t require any logins.

2. How reliable is the PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is extremely reliable since it can be physically removed from the device and stored safely in a separate place. As a result, no one can hack into this flash drive or get access to your files by any chance. Besides, it does not use an internet connection. Thus, users who are extra bothered about the security can simply turn off their internet while using this device. This will also eliminate the PhotoStick from all risks of hacking.

3. What are the available sizes for PhotoStick mobile?

PhotoStick mobile is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. You get a 32GB, a 64 GB, and a 128 GB model, all of the 3 right for this! All you need is to hook it up with your smartphone, and you are done!

Final Words

The PhotoStick device looks like a USB Flash Drive. It appears similar to an ordinary thumb drive, with an advanced software powered inside. It enables you to store, search, and preserve all your images and videos without any complexity. It is an astounding device not just for the PC or laptop, but you may use it for your Android or your iPhone.

PhotoStick is absolutely amazing when it comes to flexible and convenient storing. If you haven’t tried it, I would better recommend you to go for a trial, and I am sure that you will love it!

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