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What is it like for women in philosophy, and in academia as a whole?

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During Women’s History Month, the OUP Philosophy team have been focusing on and celebrating Women in Philosophy throughout history and in the present day. The majority of us can think of at least a handful of male philosophers, however it is far more difficult for people to name female philosophers even though often their influence has been just as great as their male counterparts. Women have been outnumbered, overlooked, and unrecorded in academia so it is important for us to bring to light not only female philosophers, but also what it is like for women in philosophy. Women have persisted throughout history, and still do today, and more and more we are seeing support, optimism, and encouragement for women to step up and be heard – both in society and in academia. It may feel near impossible to have the confidence to be heard, to retain a thick skin with those talking over the top of you, and to recover the lost voices of past female philosophers but times are changing and things are. . .

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