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The twelfth birthday of this blog went by uncelebrated, but I guess it is a milestone of sorts. Oddly, while a number of good logic/maths blogs continue flourishing (see the sidebar!), many philosophy blogs do seem to be dropping by the wayside — becoming moribund or (like the long-running philosophy of religion Prosblogion) simply  disappearing. I wonder why philosophers are rather giving up on this relatively easy and relaxed way of talking to each other? Possibly, all the cool kids have moved on to something else (select Facebook groups, perhaps? — though I can’t say that that appeals, and even less so after recent shenanigans). Or very possibly, it’s a reflection of the fact that academic life is getting ever more stressed and time-pressured. I have the luxury of retirement, with no one looking over my shoulder. Not that there haven’t been times over the last couple of years, with the world seeming to be going to hell in a handcart rather faster than. . .

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