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Das Kontinuum 2018

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Das Kontinuum was published a hundred years ago. It is very good to see that there is a conference in Leeds this autumn, 11–15 September to mark the occasion, focusing on recent research in predicativity. “It will bring together mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers of mathematics working in areas related to the legacy of Hermann Weyl.” Promised speakers include Peter Aczel, Bahareh Afshari, Laura Crosilla, Michael Detlefsen, Gerhard Jäger, Graham E. Leigh, Øystein Linnebo, Maria E. Maietti, Per Martin-Löf, Takako Nemoto, Stephen Simpson and Nik Weaver. The conference website is here. Damn: I’m in Naples at the time — I would have been very interested to go. I do hope the organisers follow that increasingly common good practice of videoing presentations/posting papers on the website, for those of us who can’t make it. The post Das Kontinuum 2018 appeared first on Logic Matters.

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