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Meanings and Other Things: Themes from the Work of Stephen Schiffer

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2018.07.11 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Gary Ostertag (ed.), Meanings and Other Things: Themes from the Work of Stephen Schiffer, Oxford University Press, 537 pp., $115.00, ISBN 9780199684939. Reviewed by Indrek Reiland, University of Barcelona Over the course of the past half century, Stephen Schiffer has written a highly influential book in philosophy of language every fifteen years, plus countless influential papers in-between. His first book, Meaning (1972), set out the ambitious Gricean program with the aim of analyzing linguistic meaning in terms of speaker meaning and speaker meaning in terms of intention, ultimately hoping for a reduction of intention and other propositional attitudes in non-intentional terms. This was followed by Remnants of Meaning (1987) which criticized and ultimately dismantled the previous program. His last effort, The Things We Mean (2003), tries to reconcile the two previous time-slices by taking on board the. . .

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