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Novel teaching practices?

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Judging by my social media feed, many of my philosopher friends and acquaintances are doing what I am right now: syllabusing, putting together syllabi for the fall semester. In my case, it's been unusually fun. As I shared last week, I'm putting together a pop culture and philosophy course featuring all kinds of media: films, songs, poetry, short stories, etc. (by the way, thanks for all of the recommendations in that thread; they've been super helpful!). It's been cool to put together a new course like this--one I'm truly excited about. It's helped rekindle my enthusiasm as a teacher, reminding me how fun teaching can be. Anyway, one of the things I'm doing in the course is experimenting with some new teaching practices--things I haven't done before. As with all experimentation in teaching, some of things may work out well, others not. But it occurred to me this morning: why not share our novel teaching practices? Sharing the different things we. . .

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