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New series: Unconventional teaching ideas that work

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It's that time of year that many of us are bogged down with grading, but it's also often the time we reflect on the past semester, what went well, and what could improve. Some of us have really cool, unconventional ideas in our teaching that work. Those ideas engage students, improve participation, increase their understanding... They can be in the format of teaching, the assignments, the material that is being taught, the activities students engage in, etc. The Philosophers' Cocoon is organizing a series of blogposts by guest authors to explore such ideas.  The idea of this series is for guest authors to explain their unconventional teaching idea. If the series is successful, we should have a small database of cool new teaching ideas that readers can draw on.  If you would like your cool unconventional teaching idea to be featured, please send along a document with a 500-1000 word (can be longer or shorter too) text that details roughly  (1) course in. . .

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