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Tips for an upper-division night course in Modern?

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In the comments section of our "how can we help you?" thread, Anon writes: I have a question about a specific course I am teaching this semester and would really like some feedback and advice. I have been assigned to teach Modern Philosophy, which is fine, but it got scheduled as a night class, which really throws me off. I REALLY prefer the MWF routine and this really takes me out of my comfort zone. Second, I face a challenge in that a course like modern philosophy is a course I largely assume will be inhabited by philosophy majors, which it is to an extent, but because there are no prerequisites enforced, I have students who are taking a 300 level modern course as their first one. In some ways, I think this is unfair to me as the instructor and to the students. So I guess I am asking two things: 1. How do you make a class like modern accessible that just due to the very nature of the content, will seem inaccessible to students have who never taken a class and then are. . .

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