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New paper on morality and polarization

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Moral and political polarization is a popular (and important) issue these days, for obvious reasons: it is increasing dramatically, making it ever-more-difficult for people on different moral and political sides to get along and cooperate. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong has suggested that learning to argue better can help. In this new paper, I argue the problem of polarization and solution to it may both be much deeper: polarization is probably caused by how philosophers and laypeople commonly think about morality itself--and changing how we think about morality may be an important step toward a better, less polarized future. Here's the paper's abstract: This article argues that philosophers and laypeople commonly conceptualize moral truths or justified moral beliefs as discoverable through intuition, argument, or some other purely cognitive or affective process. It then contends that three empirically well-supported theories all predict that this ‘Discovery Model’ of morality plays. . .

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News source: The Philosophers' Cocoon

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