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Trump’s Wall: Why Lie When There Are Real Problems?

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Trump’s January 2019 prime-time speech was fact-checked before and after it was given. As was expected, the speech was filled of hyperbole and riddled with what can only be charitably called errors. While it is a standard tactic in politics to exaggerate a problem, lying to exaggerate a problem seems irrational when there is an abundance of problems that are both serious and real. Ironically, Trump referenced some of these problems in his speech, such as drug addiction in the United States and the families seeking asylum. The problems are that Trump characterized the problems incorrectly and that his proposed solution, the wall, would not address these problems in any meaningful way. Trump has claimed that the wall will reduce the flow of criminals into the United States. He has, of course, grossly exaggerated the number of criminals that enter via the southern border and relies heavily on the fallacies of anecdotal evidence and scare tactics. The wall would do little, if. . .

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