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The Leibniz-Stahl Controversy

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2019.08.07 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews G.W. Leibniz, The Leibniz-Stahl Controversy, François Duchesneau and Justin E. H. Smith (eds., trs.), Yale University Press, 2016, lxx + 443pp., $125.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780300161144. Reviewed by Anne-Lise Rey, Université Paris Nanterre This new volume of the Yale Leibniz presents for the first time a full English translation, together with an edition of the Latin text, of the controversy between Leibniz and the physician Georg Ernst Stahl. The volume meets the highest standards of scholarly publishing. Leaving aside the fairly free French nineteenth-century translation by Blondin [Baillière, 1860], long the only guide to Stahl's complicated writing, the exchanges between Leibniz and Stahl have been published in two forms in recent years. The first is the Stahl-Leibniz. Controverse sur la vie, l'organisme et le mixte (Paris: Vrin, 2004), a translation of Leibniz's texts (Animadversiones in G.E. Stahlii Theoriam medicam and Replicatio ad Stahlianas Observationes) by Sarah Carvallo. This translation is preceded by an introduction... Read More

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