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Philosophers’ Scary Nicknames: A Halloween Game

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Happy Halloween, philosofriends! To celebrate, I thought we could come up with scary nicknames for well-known philosophers. But there are some rules on how to do it… Using only the letters of a philosopher’s name, create a scary or evil-sounding nickname for that philosopher from some of them. You needn’t use all of the letters, and you can use the same letter as many times as you need to. You may add “the” if the nickname calls for it. Bonus points if the nickname is relevant to their ideas. (And don’t be mean.) Here are some examples: “Wicked” Henry Sidgwick Simone “Die More” de Beauvoir John “No Laws” Rawls Arthur “The Heart Eater” Schopenhauer David “Mad Mecha” Chalmers Susan “The” Wolf Your turn! Previous Halloween Posts: “Halloween Costumes of Famous Philosophers,” “Philosophy Horror Films“, “What Philosophical Idea Or Position Do You Find The Scariest?“, “Which Philosophy Ideas Make for Good Costumes?“, “Causes of Deaths of Philosophers”   The post Philosophers’ Scary Nicknames: A Halloween Game appeared first on Daily Nous.

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