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Political Categories: Thinking Beyond Concepts

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2020.02.13 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael Marder, Political Categories: Thinking Beyond Concepts, Columbia University Press, 2019, 255pp., $30.00 (pbk), ISBN 9780231188692. Reviewed by Nathan J. Jun, Midwestern State University In the opening salvo of this intriguing volume, Michael Marder takes aim at the "concept or the idea, the one all-powerful notion tasked with laying bare, dissecting and explaining reality" -- a notion by which Western philosophy has long been, and continues to be, held captive (1). The principal manifestation of "this fixation on a single principle behind a plethora of beings and events" within modern political thinking has been ideology, which Marder characterizes as "an extensive and largely unnoticeable dominant framework for thinking and perceiving, which precludes those interpretations that do not accord with its parameters." Concepts in general and ideologies in particular, he suggests, aim at subsuming and ultimately subordinating "complex, plural, complicated, conflictual, and at times mutually contradictory explanations" by... Read More

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