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Thinking Philosophically About the Coronavirus

The Institute of Art and Ideas have posted content on various philosophical topics related to the COVID-19 virus. Check them out below!

  • Debate 'What's wrong with us?' on whether it is time for AI to do more to help doctors here
  • An article by Massimo Pigliucci called 'the perils of knowledge in a pandemic' on how fake news and pseudoscience during a pandemic is a moral issue we're all responsible for here
  • An article by Christopher Hood called 'Blame Wars' on how credit grabbing and finger pointing remain major features of the Covid-19 crisis here
  • An article by Stephen De Wijze on 'The attraction of apocalypse', detailing the philosophical roots of our fascination with catastrophe here
  • 'Life, risk and Covid-19' by John Milbank, where he rejects Heidegger's nihilism here
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