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A prophet is a person who plays a special role mediating the relationship between other people and the divine. Typically, a prophet is envisioned as a channel through which God communicates to others some important information that could not have been known to the prophet in any ordinary way. Prophecy is interesting from a philosophical point of view for many reasons, including the fact that it raises compelling questions about divine knowledge/ communication, human language, the nature of time, and human freedom. Unlike…

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Book to consider: Memorabilia

by Xenophon An essential text for understanding Socrates, Xenophon’s Memorabilia is the compelling tribute of an affectionate student to his teacher, providing...

What Holds Russia Together?

Endre Sashalimi. Russian Notions of Power and State in a European Perspectives, 1462-1725: Assessing the Significance of Peter’s Regin. Boston:...