Rational Deliberation: Selected Writings




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David Gauthier, Rational Deliberation: Selected Writings, Susan Dimock, Claire Finkelstein, and Christopher Morris (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2022, 338pp., $85.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780192842992.

Reviewed by Paul Hurley, Claremont McKenna College, The Claremont Colleges

Most philosophy books, even most collections of essays, capture a philosopher’s view at some stage of her intellectual development. Rarely is a volume designed to capture the development through time of the central views of a major philosopher. This volume is one such rarity, and engagement with it leaves the reader with an appreciation both of just how difficult it is to implement such a design well, as David Gauthier and his editors do here, and of why such a task is nonetheless well worth undertaking.

Gauthier is one of the leading philosophers working on topics in ethics and practical reasoning over the past half century. He is best known as a distinctively ardent and able defender of rational choice theory,…

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