The case for abolishing the family




You can’t choose your family. But despite this, most of us wouldn’t choose to be without them either. For the lucky, families are a place of love, care and safety. But for many, the family creates everlasting trauma in a life. Even in so-called ‘happy familles’, the unpaid labour and childcare are exhausting. Leading feminist critic, Sophie Lewis, argues the family should be abolished.  Sophie Lewis will be taking part in this month’s IAI Live debate Silver Spoons & Social Status: Is The Family to blame for Social Inequality? Other speakers include Polly Toynbee, Peter Lilley, Ashley Frawley and Mark Salter. Find out more about the IAI Live events, October 17th.  The social scientific consensus that the overdeveloped world is in the grip of a ‘care crisis’ is at least fif…

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