The curious case of the upside down Mondrian




Abstract art is often made a mockery of. The apparent discovery that a painting by Piet Mondrian has been displayed upside for 75 years has provided vindication to those that mock. But the idea that there is a right way round is as out-dated as the idea, on a spherical planet, that there is any true ‘up’ or ‘down’, writes Julian Spalding.  The discovery that a painting by one of the most famous founding fathers of abstract art has been hanging upside down for 75 years is music to the ears of all those who think that abstract art is a load of baloney. The fact that experts in museums – the very people who are supposed to know most about art – have got it wrong for all this time proves that the whole movement is a sham.  Joe and Joan Public can cheer.  They’ve been right all along.  The emperor has been shown to have no clothes, exposed by one of his closest courtiers. And the best that is left to be said about abstract art is that it’s a (very pricey) con. …

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