The future is radically open




Is the universe fundamentally predictable or unpredictable? Does the degree to which the future remains unknown reflect our own cognitive limitations, or the fundamentally open structure of reality? Earlier this week a remarkable pane comprising of Lee Smolin, Francesca Vidotto and John Vervaeke debated these questions during an IAI Live event, streamed in real time from the Institute of Art and Ideas in London. The universe, the panellists agreed, is a place of constant change and surprise, and its future remains open and capable of surprising us.  The next IAI Live event, ‘Quantum Physics and the End of Reality’ is FREE and will take place on July 25th. Sabine Hossenfelder, Eric Weinstein, Carlo Rovelli and Brian Keeting debate quantum mechanics, consciousness and the observer effect. Lear more here. Is the future predictable? Arguably the success of the natural sciences, physics in particular, is measured in terms of its predictive powers. Even quantum mechanics, a theory that chall…

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