The Notions of George Berkeley: Self, Substance, Unity and Power




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James Hill, The Notions of George Berkeley: Self, Substance, Unity and Power, Bloomsbury Academic, 2022, 167pp., $103.50 (hbk), ISBN 9781350299689.


Reviewed by Genevieve Migely, Cornell College

In The Notions of George Berkeley, James Hill offers a systematic treatment of Berkeley’s doctrine of notions premised upon Berkeley’s ontology. Hill posits that Berkeley’s dualism of active minds and passive ideas drives the role notions play in his overall philosophy. Using this ontological foundation, Hill constructs a holistic, coherent framework for understanding Berkeley’s use of notions. This rich, detailed, historically-based interpretation of Berkeley remains true to what Berkeley himself intended to do by demonstrating the philosophical maneuvers Berkeley undertakes in response to his desire to set himself apart from his modern contemporaries. The result is a comprehensive view of Berkeley’s philosophy encompassing the course of his works, from his Notebooks to Siris, while situating Berkeley in the…

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