The W boson threat to the Standard Model




A new experimental result has shaken the world of particle physics. The W boson, it turns out, is a lot heavier than we thought. This poses a challenge to our most successful and tested theory about the fabric of the universe so far: the Standard Model. And while this one experimental result might not be enough on its own to overthrow the theory, it already points in the direction of a theory that could, writes Martin Bauer.  Recently the mass of the W boson has been measured by the Collider Detector at Fermilab with unprecedented precision and a surprising result. The recent result disagrees wildly with all previous measurements of the W boson’s mass, but this result is no fluke. To give you an idea of the precision of this latest measurement and  how unlikley it is that this result is a mistake, consider this: if you weigh yourself multiple times with different scales you would expect to see some discrepancy. But an equivalent discrapancy like the one between the most recent measurem…

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