Thomas Aquinas on Virtue




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Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. Thomas Aquinas on Virtue, Cambridge University Press, 2022. 233pp. $99.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781316511749.

Reviewed by Rebecca K. DeYoung, Calvin University

In this book, Thomas Osborne offers a detailed commentary on the questions on virtue in Aquinas’s Summa theologiae I–II, qq. 55–67. Following Aquinas’s own order of inquiry, the chapters cover

the definition of virtue (as a species of habit distinct from other dispositions, which concerns action (“operation”), and which admits both divine and human causes), reasons for distinguishing intellectual and moral virtue (based on developments of Aristotelian faculty psychology and different parts of Aristotle’s definition of virtue as a quality that “makes the agent and the act good” (46, 212) to distinguish types of virtue and levels of perfection), divisions between the moral virtues (including their basis in the passions, different ways of…

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