Truth and Norms: Normative Alethic Pluralism and Evaluative Disagreements




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Filippo Ferrari, Truth and Norms: Normative Alethic Pluralism and Evaluative Disagreements, Lexington Books, 2022, 191pp., $95.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781793622679.

Reviewed by Chase Wrenn, The University of Alabama

In this book, Filippo Ferrari gives a new theory of truth’s normative import. He calls it “normative alethic pluralism” (NAP). According to NAP, truth does not have the same normative role in all discourses. Instead, different truth-norms can govern judgment in different subject areas. Ferrari makes his case by analyzing the phenomenon of disagreement in three different domains. On his analysis, disagreements about basic taste, refined aesthetics, and fundamental morality have different normative contours. Ferrari argues that their differences indicate that different sets of truth-norms are operative in each area.

Despite its name, NAP is not a version of alethic pluralism. The latter view claims that different substantive properties can “be” truth for different subject matters. Ferrari is critical of the most prominent…

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