Updating apps for jobs interviewed for before?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a non-TT faculty member asks:

I got into the final stage interview last round somewhere. I plan to apply for that place again for virtually the same position. Should I highlight in the cover letter the differences in my publication, teaching experience, research proposal etc.?

Good question. I wouldn’t highlight the differences, at least not in the sense of explicitly saying things like “I published X, Y, and Z since interviewing for your position last year.” Instead, I would just update your materials (and cover letter) to reflect your current accomplishments, as you would for any other job. Chances are, if you interviewed or were a finalist for the department’s position previously, they think very highly of you (the only caveat being that if your on-campus interview did not go well, they might have been turned off). You never know whether you’ll be interviewed again, as every applicant pool is different. But I think, all things being equal, if you’re a better candidate than you were before, that should come across in your materials regardless.

Then again, this is just my reaction. What’s your? It would be great to hear from search committee members!

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