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Are you a German speaker? If so, we now offer a subset of Daily Philosophy articles in German at the address: daily-philosophy.de

Leave a comment to tell us how you like it and what we can improve.

We are happy to announce that Daily Philosophy will from now on be available in German, in addition to the international, English-language site.

Since these are still the early days of the German site, only a few articles have been translated, but we are working daily on more and hope, eventually, to have most articles available in German.

We know that some places, like menus, dates, headers and footers and so on, might not yet all appear correctly in German; be assured that we are working on those, but it may take a few months to get everything sorted out. Until then, you can already read all the articles that have been translated by either:

Clicking on the little German flag on the top of the articles that have a German translation; or
Starting at the German language Daily Philosophy Homepage daily-philosophy.de

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page that causes the problem, and we’ll examine it!

Many thanks and Willkommen auf Deutsch!

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Cover image by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash.

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