When to submit to journals in grad school?




In our May “how can we help you?” thread, a grad student asks:

I’m sure you get questions like this all the time so feel free to direct me to an answer if one already exists. But does anyone have a good metric for when a paper is ready to submit for publication as an early to mid stages grad student – when someone tells you you might get a publication out of it? It’s accepted at any conference? It’s accepted at an APA? You just feel good enough about it!? I assume none of these things are necessary, but do people take any to be sufficient?

These are excellent questions. I feel like we have discussed these issues sometime before, but if we have I can’t quite track them down. My sense is that the best thing to do here is probably to have a few faculty in one’s grad program read the paper to see whether they think it is ready. What do you all think?

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