When to upload to PhilPapers?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a reader asks:

When is the right time to put a paper on philpapers? When it is accepted? When it is published? Thanks!

These are good questions that I imagine other early career readers might wonder about. Another reader submitted the following reply:

You should post the basic information about an article mon PhilPapers, including the abstract, when the paper is formally accepted. But you should check the publication agreement you signed in order to determine when and what you post, if you plan to post a copy of the paper. Incidentally, people will often contact you for a copy of your paper, even if you do not post it – provided you provide an abstract.

This sounds right, but one issue I’ve had is that some publishing agreements only let you post a “pre-peer-review” version of your paper on preprint server—that is, the version of your paper when you initially sent it to the journal, before any revisions. I wouldn’t want to post that version of my paper because it’s not the final version, so sometimes I’m not sure what to do other than link to the published version along on the journal’s website.

What do you all think/do?

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