Wilderness, Morality, and Value




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Joshua Duclos, Wilderness, Morality, and Value, Lexington Books, 2022, 162pp., $95.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781666901368.

Reviewed by Kyle Johannsen, Trent University

Joshua Duclos’s clearly-written, well-argued book Wilderness, Morality, and Value (henceforth referred to as WMV) analyzes the incredibly important and, until recently, almost entirely neglected problem of wild animal suffering. Though it is the second traditionally-published moral philosophy book on this subject, and though a third such book is currently forthcoming, WMV is unique. Unlike my 2021 book Wild Animal Ethics, and unlike Catia Faria’s soon-to-be-released (Dec 2022) book Animal Ethics in the Wild (which I had the pleasure of reviewing…

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