Working in ‘elite’ vs. ‘non-elite’ programs?




In our September “how can we help you?” thread, eli writes:

I hope this question is in the scope, because I am genuinely curious for practical reasons. Is anyone here a faculty at an elite program who has also worked in non-elite programs? How do those experiences compare? In particular, are you bothered by/developing/acting out some elitism? How do you like this aspect? Does anyone like their non-elite program experience better, assuming all duties are roughly equal? I have never been in a super elite program for study or work, and find it awkward to ask this in real life.

I’ve never worked in what one might call an ‘elite’ program, and to be honest, I’m happy for it. I do work that I enjoy, both in research and the classroom, and I’m a heck of a lot less self-conscious than I was in graduate school, when I always felt pressure (much of it self-imposed) to impress those around me. But this is, of course, just my experience and a fairly narrow experience at that. Anyone else have any experience or insights to share?

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