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How to Argue
Whether it's world politics, family controversy, or deep philosophical problems, this article gives you strategies for navigating tough talks
What's Happening in Philosophy
A harrowing tale from David Edmonds involving the murder of the German philosopher Moritz Schlick. Steven Nadler's take on several biographies of the 'father of modern philosophy.' Questions around AI in academia come up in an article from Scientific American.
What is Logic?
Covering the foundation of rational thought, this article, by Paul Herrick, explores this vast subject in an easy-to-understand way.
What is Knowledge?
In this article, we explore a definition of knowledge and how the question 'what is knowledge?' differs from the question 'what is truth?' We also explore Gettier problems and postmodernism.
Interviews with prominent philosophers on topics ranging from epistemology to ethics
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Philip the Chancellor

[Revised entry by Colleen McCluskey and Anthony Celano on February 21, 2024. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Philip the Chancellor...


[New Entry by Alkistis Elliott-Graves on February 21, 2024.] [Editor’s Note: The following new entry by Alkistis Elliott-Graves replaces the...

Proof Theory

[Revised entry by Michael Rathjen and Wilfried Sieg on February 21, 2024. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, appendix-c.html, appendix-f.html, notes.html]...