Born This Day: Corliss Lamont




1902 – 1995

Corliss Lamont is known as a vocal humanist, socialist, and defender of civil liberties. Frequently the target of the United States government, Lamont took many issues before the courts some reaching the Supreme Court. His phones were tapped by the FBI and his tax returns and cancelled checks were under observation. He wrote The Philosophy of Humanism and Freedom is as Freedom Does among other works.

  • Lived to 93.
  • Earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University.
  • Was a Marxist for a short period.
  • His father was Partner and Chairman at J.P. Morgan & Company and his grandnephew, Ned Lamont ran for governor of Connecticut and has a net worth of tens of million of dollars.
  • Director of the ACLU from 1932-1954.
  • Wrote poetry.
  • Wrote works on Bertrand Russell and John Dewey and worked to preserve the work of Santayana and Spinoza.



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