Cool Stuff from IAI on Consciousness, Kahneman, Cottingham, and Coronavirus




Our friends at The Institute of Art and Ideas have released a number of new talks, debates, and articles. Check them out below.

  • Jan Westerhoff’s interview on the philosophy of perception here
  • An online debate on the morality of the pandemic here
  • ‘Why are we conscious? article here
  • ‘Strange allure of borders’ here
  • Our debate on reason and the right way to think here
  • A history of the conscious world here
  • Our debate ‘Living Dangerously’ with Daniel Kahneman and Steven Pinker on individual’s and society’s ability to mitigate risk here
  • Our article ‘The Transcendental self’ by John Cottingham on the changing nature of the self here
  • Our debate ‘Media, responsibility and a good story’ on the ethics of coronavirus coverage here
  • Our article ‘The future of race relations’ by Paul Morland on demography and migration here