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Nickname Freddie Age33Date of Birth 12.9.1989Relationship Status Married Net Worth $ 40 million Height 1.96 m 

Freddie Freeman is an American professional baseball star. He plays major league baseball and has won many laurels for his team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has also played for 12 seasons for the Atlanta Braves. He made his career debut in 2010, and in 2018 he was awarded the prestigious Golden Glove. He has a huge beautiful house which we are going to talk about now. 

Who is Freddie Freeman?

Freddie Freeman was born in California in a place known as Fountain Valley on the 12th of September in 1989. In his early years, he became a fan of the games that were played by Los Angeles Angels. Freeman began to play baseball at the young age of six, and he enjoyed an excellent record as a batter and a pitcher in his senior years. It was officially in 2011, that he started playing baseball as a professional. 

In 2014, Freddie Freeman married his girlfriend, Chelsea, in a formal ceremony after dating for more than three years. They have two sons by the names of Brandon and Maximus. 

Freddie Freeman was considered to be one of the most valuable and loved baseball players in America in 2020. In 2021, Freddie Freeman led the Atlanta Braves to victory against Houston Astros, after which he signed a contract worth 162 million USD with the Los Angeles Dodgers, which will be in effect for six years. 

Everything to Know about the House of Freddie Freeman 

Freddie Freeman has a sprawling mansion in Roswell, Georgia which he has decided to put up for sale. The house spreads over approximately 5000 square feet and is characterized by beautifully painted and decorated doors, walls, and window panels that give it a historic look and feel. 

The interiors of the house are lavish, to say the least, and each room in this gorgeous manor is beautifully done up and ideal for being occupied by a large family. The gorgeous fans, lights, and creative ceilings in every part of the home make this mansion truly a sight to behold. The house is worth 775,000 USD. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Freddie Freeman 

What is the address of Freddie Freeman – 

The address of Freddie Freeman’s home in Georgia is 325 Lum Crowe Road, Roswell, GA 30075 US. 

What is the name of the house of Freddie Freeman? 

The house of Freddie Freeman in Georgia goes by the name of Roswell Estate though this may not be the official name of the estate. 

Where does Freddie Freeman Live? 

Freddie Freeman currently lives in a studio home which he purchased in Los Angeles 

When was the house of Freddie Freeman made? 

The house of Freddie Freeman in Roswell, Georgia, was constructed in the year of 2002. 

What is the cost of Freddie Freeman’s house? 

The Roswell house of Freddie Freeman was valued at 775,000 USD at the time of sale. 

Images of Freddie Freeman’s House 

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