Gifts Made By Philosophers




The holiday season is upon us. As you go about your holiday shopping, might I suggest you to consider some gifts made by philosophers?

Let’s start with stuff from the philosopher-artists who create the comics here at Daily Nous: Pete Mandik (Mind Chunks), Tanya Kostochka (To φ Or Not To φ), Rachel Katler (Ad Hoc), and Ryan Lake (Chaospet). You can learn more about their awesome offerings by checking out this previous post, or you can go straight to their online shops by clicking on their buttons below:


Tanya has an additional shop here.

Gifts featuring portraits of philosophers are available from Renée Jorgensen here.

Maureen Eckert has philosophy and non-philosophy-themed art, clothing, and objects for sale here.

I’m sure there are other philosophers-makers out there with various goods on offer, so if you know about them, please share the details and links in the comments.

And let’s not forget a classic product made by many philosophers: books. If you’re looking for books by philosophers that might make for good gifts, consider ones that have been reviewed by non-academic outlets, which you can find by browsing through the “Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media” sections of these posts. Feel free to suggest others in the comments.

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