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In an effort to provide students with as much information about placement trends in academic philosophy, I am creating this page.  If you have any links to information you’d like to have posted on this page to help current and future graduate students, please send me an email.  Thanks.



-American Philosophical Association website: 

Philosophy Programs:

Philosophy Jobs:

Non-Academic Jobs:

-The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy:

Philosophy Programs:

Other Rankings and Placement Research:

-Brian Leiter’s Ranking of Graduate Programs in Philosophy in the English-Speaking World

-A listing of the top Philosophy Graduate schools that are “friendly to Continental Philosophy”

-Carolyn Dicey Jennings, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Merced, was perhaps the first to do research on job market status in philosophy.  Her posts go back to 2011.  I did not use any of her research or data in my analysis, so I cannot comment on the conclusions she makes.  I provide links to her work as another resource for students.


Interesting Articles Related to Philosophy, Academia, and the Job Market (in most recent order):

How Academia Resembles the Health Care Profession

How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang

-“From Welfare to the Tenure Track.”  An article from a reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education on a Medieval History graduate’s difficulties in securing a permanent job.  A sobering example of the potential difficulties of acquiring a Humanities position in academia

Does A Philosophy Degree Help Your Bottom Line?

The Value of Philosophy

-What does one do if one cannot find a job in academia?  Perhaps The Unemployed Philosophers Guild can creatively inspire you in your pursuit of other things.


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