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Welcome to the main page for Philosophy News’ Graduate School Philosophy Placement Report. This homepage will provide a more ordered presentation of our work and easier navigation.


PhD Level

The Placement Report for Analytic Ph.D. Programs

A report on job placement trends in philosophy since 2000 for Analytic PhD programs. We also look at trends in areas of specialty and the gender of graduate students since 2000.

The Placement Report for Continental Ph.D. Programs

A report on job placement trends in philosophy since 2000 for Continental PhD programs. We also look at trends in areas of specialty and the gender of graduate students since 2000. A comparison of the Analytic vs. Continental job markets is also included.

Graduate School Philosophy Placement: The Leiter Report

An analysis of how The Leiter Report’s faculty rankings correlate with tenure-track/permanent/tenured placement rankings for Analytic PhD programs.

The Placement Report Based on School Prestige

A report on “prestige” placement trends for Analytic PhD programs since 2000. We use the Analytic MA and PhD program rankings from The Leiter Report, as well as the US News National University and Liberal Arts College rankings to rank Analytic PhD philosophy programs by the quality of placement their students have on average.

Trending Topics and Words in Philosophy Dissertations

A little analysis on common words in Analytic philosophy dissertations since 2000. Which words are popular and unusual? Find out here.

MA Level

The Placement Report for Terminal Analytic MA Programs

A report on job and program placement trends in philosophy since 2000 for terminal MA Analytic programs in philosophy. Which MA programs are the best at getting students into good PhD programs? Do most MA students go on to study philosophy? What do students do after their MA if they do not go into academic philosophy? Click here to find out.


Philosophy as a Career: Think Long and Hard About Thinking Long and Hard

Studying philosophy can train your mind, help you reason, and almost certainly enrich your life. But what can you do with a degree? Hear from three philosophy majors who now work in other fields on the value of their degree, the pitfalls in pursuing full-time work in philosophy, and some recommendations on how to navigate the often muddy career waters for philosophers.

A Conversation with Dr. Sandy Goldberg on Getting a Job In Philosophy

In this engaging and informative podcast, we talk with Dr. Sandy Goldberg, chairman of the philosophy department at Northwestern University. The catalyst for our conversation was the Philosophy News placement reports and in this interview, we talk with Dr. Goldberg about how his university prepares students for the job market. We also talk about where philosophy as a discipline might be headed, and what the job market may look like in the future.


How Were These Reports Made?

Click above to find out about how all of the data used in the above reports was and is being gathered.

Further Resources, Articles, and Files

Looking for more resources? Want to see what other people have said about the above reports? Want to send us an updated file of your school’s placement records? Click above to find all of these and more.

Updates to the Report

Click here to find out what data has been recently updated and how the reports have changed since you last visited Philosophy News.

Author’s Notes:

Given the immense amount of feedback and critique, please be patient with me as I work on updating this article. My goal is to let the data speak for itself, without bias, prejudice, favoritism, or deception. I aim to be transparent about all of my methods and where the data comes from.

My requests to you, the philosophical community:

If you have comments or feedback, please post them at the end of the article or send them to me directly. And if you believe my data is mistaken or if your school’s data has been significantly updated recently, please send me the appropriate and complete data for your school, so that I can update the data.

If your school is not listed in the Leiter Report, and you believe your placement record matches or exceeds those that are listed, please send me your data and I’ll add you to the list.

Encourage those who control your school’s placement data to post it fully, completely, and truthfully on the web in a form similar to what I have outlined here, for the sake of all current and future graduate philosophy students.


-Andy Carson

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