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In a rare online appearance, Helen is interviewed on Mind Chat by Philip Goff and Keith Frankish about her book-in-progress, The View From Everywhere: Realist Idealism Without God.For highlights, see especially:36:00 – Helen explains the basics of her novel form of idealism (and how it differs from Berkeley’s).53:45 – Why idealism is more plausible than you might have thought.58:20 – How idealism enables a direct realist account of perception like no other.1:56:42 – Why philosophy monographs should be followed up with a “for kids” version.There’s also a bunch of interesting meta-philosophical discussion throughout, reacting to Helen’s explanation that she only has about 30% credence in idealism, and correspondingly aims not to convince others that it’s true, but just that they should take it more seriously than they had previously.Check out the full interview on YouTube.

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