IAI Article on Heidegger and Miyazaki




IAI logoOur friends at The Institute of Arts and Ideas have recently published an article by Durham University (UK) philosopher Edward McDougall which examines the films of Hayao Miyazaki through the lens of Heidegger’s critique of modernity. The article focuses on the tension between advancing technology and respecting nature. The author points out that despite both Heidegger’s and Miyazaki’s shared criticism of technology, they both see it’s abolishment as wrong-headed. McDougall writes,

Despite their critical stances towards technology, neither Heidegger nor Miyazaki advocates simply abolishing technology as a way of life. Heidegger admits that nobody can brake or direct the progress of history. Attempting to abolish technology is not possible for Heidegger because it would repeat the mistake that people are complete masters of the earth… . While Miyazaki and Heidegger reject such simplistic responses to technology, they are both concerned with the possibility of an alternative way of life.

See the full article on their website here.



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