IAI Discussion the Nature of the Self




LOGO_iai-black_40x373222 Our friends at the Institute of Art and Ideas have posted another essential discussion on philosophy of mind. In this conversation, top philosophers talk about age-old, but still very poignant topics relating to the self and personal identity. This topic is especially relevant given modern advances in neuroscience and reductionist models in psychology and philosophy. Is the self merely a construct produced by the brain that helps humans survive or is the self a substance that is different from, and independent of the body? From their website: There is no self, no ‘I’, only a flickering illusion. So claim many neuroscientists and philosophers. Yet for the rest of us, the denial of the self feels like a bitter pill to swallow. Is the self a fantasy? Or is it essential to our being and consciousness?

The Panel: Cambridge and NCH philosopher Simon Blackburn, neuroscientist Colin Blakemore, philosopher and author of Are You an Illusion? Mary Midgley seek out the all seeing I. In association with New College Humanities.

Check out the video below and visit their website to join the conversation!





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