IAI Video: Thinking the Unthinkable




croppedimage608342-thinking-the-unthinkablePhilosophy News recently has been introduced to a website with some intriguing videos on philosophy as well as science, politics, and art. This London-based organization is producing high-quality content that is will inform in an engaging and entertaining way. Here is their mission from their website:

The Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI) is committed to fostering a progressive and vibrant intellectual culture in the UK. We are a charitable, not-for-profit organisation engaged in changing the current cultural landscape through the pursuit and promotion of big ideas, boundary-pushing thinkers and challenging debates.

This sample video features hosts Hannah Dawson, Mark Rowlands, Simon Saunders. Robert Rowland-Smith and focuses on the following topic: The power of our thought has transformed the world, and some claim a theory of everything is just around the corner. Others see limits to understanding, things we cannot think. Is there a richer world that lies beyond thought, or is this an empty mysticism that leads nowhere?

The Panel

Oxford philosopher Simon Saunders, international bestselling author Mark Rowlands and historian of ideas Hannah Dawson attempt to say what some believe cannot be said.



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