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Nickname The Maverick Age26Date of Birth 17.1.1997Relationship Status Single Net Worth $ 30 million Height 6 Ft 1-inch 

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a professional American boxer and a well-known personality on social media. It was in 2018 that he started his boxing career, and he has enjoyed success in this domain since then. Jake Paul has also been seen on screen, playing the character of Dirk Mann for 2 seasons on the show Bizaardvark produced by Disney. 

He is considered to be a prominent influencer in America today and is looking to make his debut now in the Professional Fighter’s League or PFL in 2023. 

Bio of Jake Paul 

Jake Paul was born on the 17th of January 1997. Although he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, he grew up in an area known as West Lake. He has an older sibling by the name of Logan, who is also a well-known personality on YouTube. It was at the young age of 10 that Jake and his brother Logan began to film themselves on camera. 

The social media career of Jake Paul started in the year of 2013 when he started to post a series of videos on a platform called Vine. His own channel on YouTube was launched in 2014, in the month of May, and is known for its controversies and pranks. 

Everything to Know about the House of Jake Paul 

Jake Paul has bought a marvellous property in Puerto Rico which is worth as much as 10 million USD. It is located near Dorado. The bedrooms and the living rooms of the home are significantly large and are beautifully done up with ornate items. 

There are numerous open spaces located in and around the house, allowing people to breathe as they walk through the interiors of the home. There are seven bathrooms and five bedrooms in the house, all of which have marble flooring. 

A gazebo, an expansive pool, and a kitchen that is fully furnished and equipped are some of the other interesting features of this large and beautiful property near Dorado, where Jake Paul stays. 

While the boxing star and social media personality has stayed in other lavish homes before, this property is truly remarkable in terms of size, beauty, and valuation. Jake lives in this gigantic home with his brother Logan Paul. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jake Paul  

What is the address of Jake Paul?  

The house of Jake Paul is located near a place called Dorado in Puerto Rico. 

What is the name of the house of Jake Paul? 

There is no specific name that is given to the house of Jake Paul in Puerto Rico 

Where does Jake Paul live? 

Jake Paul now lives in Puerto Rico with his brother Logan Paul. 

When was the house of Jake Paul made? 

Not much is known about when the Puerto Rico home of Jake Paul was constructed. 

What is the cost of Jake Paul’s house?

The valuation of the Puerto Rico property of Jake Paul ranges between 10 million and 13 million USD.  

Images of Jake Paul’s House


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