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“I have exposed myself to the enmity of all metaphysicians, logicians, mathematicians, and even theologians” — David Hume is interviewed at 3:16AM
Electrons seem to spin, but actually don’t. So what is really going on? — Scientific American considers the answer given by philosopher Charles Sebens (Caltech)
“It’s the method of using opposing views to seek truth; Hegel thought his own style of it was better than Plato’s” — Hegel was a category on Jeopardy! last night
“The organoids are coming!” — and their use is a step forward not just scientifically, but morally, says Katharine Gammon
“Nothing is true”: big, if true — David Liggins (Manchester) on why we should take alethic nihilism seriously
“Weirder options are conceivable, but exceedingly improbable” — two physicists have “calculated an equation that counts universes. And they’ve made the striking observation that universes like ours seem to account for the lion’s share of the conceivable cosmic options”
“Twitter makes preexisting elites accessible, but it also creates its own elites… Still, I think our situation with hierarchy is improved by Philosophy Twitter, not because the hierarchy it institutes is more intrinsically fair, but because it diversifies the unfairness of hierarchy” — Mason Westfall (WUStL) applies the multiple-status-hierarchies approach to unfairness to the world of academic philosophy

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