On Knowing God Exists




titleIt’s possible for a religious believer to be rational and completely justified in believing in God’s existence without basing her belief on evidence. That’s the general claim of philosopher Alvin Plantinga. In this podcast and accompanying video, Paul Pardi lays out what he sees as Plantinga’s core argument and briefly examines some objections. This presentation was given to the Capitol Hill Theology Pub to a largely lay audience interested in philosophy and theology. The presentation was designed as a primer to Plantinga’s ideas on religious belief and warrant. In the first 45 minutes Paul gives an overview of some general problems in epistemology and then lays out Plantinga’s argument and some objections to it. He then takes 30 minutes of questions and answers.

Listen: [mp3:pl_speech.mp3]

Download: Presentation: Knowing God Exists (34 Mb)

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Knowing God Exists: The Religious Epistemology of Alvin Plantinga from Philosophy News.

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