Philosophers Immortalized in . . . Comics?




flat,135x135,075,tIf you’ve ever wanted philosopher trading cards, now you have it (sort of). Dead Philosophers in Heaven creators Matt Russell and Nick Gibb are using their artistry to, ahem, “honor” philosophers (and teach us a little about them) by putting them in dialog and creating posters that summarize some of their important personality traits. For example, you’ll learn that:

  • Nietzsche dislikes socialism, 99.7% of western philosophy, and you
  • Marx’s ambition was to beat Engels at Beeropoly
  • Plato’s secret weapon was his terrible conversational skills
  • Wittgenstein liked boiled cabbage with a side of Saint Augustine

You can also listen to never-before revealed dialogue between dead philosophers about how governments should be structured and a personal interview with Albert Camus. Just a heads up that philosophers tend to be pretty foul-mouthed (something we all knew) but this glimpse into their secret lives will leave you wanting more.

Russell and Gibb have only a handful of posters on individual philosophers but I hope to see more in the future.