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Philosophy News exists to provide you with the latest in western analytic philosophy. While our main focus is news in philosophy, we also feature unique content on various philosophical topics.

PNS has a new home

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed we’re on a different technology platform. This new platform gives us more flexibility and an opportunity for greater long-term growth. We have migrated much of the content from the old site to this one (we were unable to bring the comments over).

What’s up with the ads?

You also may notice we’re now serving ads on this site. We resisted this move for many years but we have found that running a web site with quality requires funding. Our goal is to provide more frequent updates and a broader content offering on topics you’re interested in. Funding will support this goal. So please help support the efforts of PNS and visit our sponsor sites!



Dance of the Sky

As I look up at the stars That sing to me from afar, I dwell in that spirit divine Giving...