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5586-WWUThe response to Andrew Carson’s placement report has been phenomenal. Philosophy News (and Andrew himself) has received feedback from around the country—most of it positive—about the project with many of the respondents thanking us for the data and encouraging us to continue to work on perfecting the report. The Chronicle of Higher Education picked up the buzz on the report and interviewed Andrew for their popular website and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The source, which bills themselves as the “No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators” highlights the hard work Andrew did to collect, normalize, and analyze the data. Author Audrey Williams June writes, “In his spare time, [Andrew] began gathering placement data—copious amounts of it—from almost 60 graduate philosophy programs in the United States and Canada. It took him three or four months to comb through the Web pages of each of the programs to retrieve and format its publicly available data.” The result is a report that attempts to provide insight into how graduate students in philosophy from various schools are placed in jobs after they graduate.

Andrew is continually working on updating the report. If you’re associated with an institution as a faculty, student, administrator or alumnus, and would like to ensure that your institution is represented as accurately as possible, please work with your school and with us to get us the latest and most accurate numbers. You can write to me directly at with any updated information. We especially encourage people from institutions in Europe and Australia to reach out with data so we can include information on your schools.

Andrew also is working on an new report that provides the same information for terminal MA programs around the country so stay tuned!

Paul Pardi
Publisher, Philosophy News





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