Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Birmingham 2011-2012




We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the following postgraduate Scholarships for 2011-2012.

We welcome applicants interested in philosophy of religion. We currently have 11 MA students, 2 MPhil students and 3 PhD students in this specific area.

  1. AHRC doctoral awards (fees + maintenance) open to UK students and non-UK students who have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years for reasons other than education in the following disciplinary areas:
    Philosophy (1)
    Religious Studies (1)
  2. 12 College Doctoral Scholarships (Home/EU or Overseas, fees + maintenance) AHRC equivalent awards, open to UK, EU and international students in all disciplines in arts and law
  3. Up to 5 College Doctoral Overseas Scholarships (full-fees only)
  4. Up to 2 College MA/MPhil Overseas Scholarships (full-fees only)
  5. 2 fee remission (Home/EU) Scholarships in any Masters/MPhil Programme in Philosophy, Theology and Religion
  6. Dinshaw Bursary for Theology/Inter-religious studies (to be confirmed)

For more information please see:



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