Quiet Quitting




In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy discuss the trend of quietly quitting work: doing what’s required in one’s contract and nothing more. For many, this is the only answer to a job that is exploitative, meaningless and empty. But is quietly quitting really the best way to reclaim our lives?

I’m happy to announce that, after a break, we have kicked off the second season of the Accented Philosophy Podcast!

The first episode is Ezechiel and me discussing the trend of “Quiet Quitting,” where employees will do their work as instructed, but resist exploitation and unpaid overtime. For many, this seems like a way out of the pressures of a job that is meaningless yet takes up most of one’s life.

But is Quiet Quitting really a good thing? Come and listen to find out!

Now you can also directly join the discussion on the podcast! We have created a new email address specifically for you to send in your questions, comments and opinions. Just send us your remarks and replies by email to podcast@daily-philosophy.com and we’ll talk about them in the next episode!

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