The myth of the one true feminism




Many dismiss the goal for more female representation in boardrooms as mere “corporate feminism”, not truly advancing the interests of women. Others think that including LGBTQ rights as part of the feminist agenda dilutes the real cause.  But the argument that there is one correct way to fight for the equality of the sexes is wrong. It’s mostly used for grandstanding and dismissing political opponents. We need to rethink feminism so that it can allow for a plurality of views that critically rethink who feminism aims to protect, and who it seeks to exclude, writes Hazel Biana. Feminism is one of the most fundamental theories behind the aim to give power back to women. By challenging gender norms and expectations, the feminist movement examines what society has done to women over the years. Although the waves of feminism begun with the fight for equal rights between men and women of the same class, it has evolved into multiple causes which seek to improve the soc…

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