The Pandemic, Consciousness, Time, and More




iaiOur partners at the Institute of Art and Ideas have some exciting new topics to keep your mind busy during these trying times. Check out the following content and engage in the conversation.

  • Linsey McGoey on whether we should look to billionaires to solve our world problems here
  • Robert Talisse on why hand washing has become a partisan issue in the US during the coronavirus pandemic here
  • Peter Hacker’s first part of a two part series on consciousness here
  • Our debate ‘Lies, Damned Lies, and Post-truth’ on here
  • Philosopher Emily Thomas’s interview on travel, time and women in philosophy here



Nonexistent Objects

[Revised entry by Maria Reicher on December 7, 2022. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, notes.html] Are there nonexistent objects, i.e.,...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

[New Entry by Robert Pasnau on December 7, 2022.] [Editor’s Note: The following new entry by Robert Pasnau replaces the...